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October 16, 2022

WHO & ECDC Say That Europe Has Entered Another COVID

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) have said that another wave of Coronavirus infections has begun in Europe.

According to WHO and ECDC, the number of infections has started rising again in the continent now that we have entered colder months. In light of this, they reconfirmed the need to protect people’s health by using all the available tools, including vaccination, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“Although we are not where we were one year ago, it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is still not over. We are unfortunately seeing indicators rising again in Europe, suggesting that another wave of infections has begun. With the arrival of autumn and winter, the resurgence of influenza can also be expected,” WHO’s Europe director, Hans Kluge, and ECDC’s director, Andrea Ammon, said in a joint statement.

WHO and ECDC explained that the potential circulation of COVID-19 and seasonal influenza at the same time would put vulnerable people at increased risk of severe illness and would burden healthcare systems.

In order to avoid this from happening, WHO and ECDC recommend that all countries use effective tools against both viruses and urge that they prioritise vulnerable groups.

Data provided by WHO show that millions of people across Europe have still not been vaccinated against the Coronavirus disease and that the infections have increased by eight per cent compared to the previous week.

Taking into account such figures, European countries have been urged to reach unvaccinated people and make sure they get their COVID vaccine doses while also rolling out booster doses in line with national recommendations.

“It is important that the following priority groups get vaccinated against both influenza and COVID-19: health-care workers, people over 60 years old, pregnant women, and those with comorbidities and/or underlying conditions,” WHO and ECDC stressed.

The European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, called on all Member States earlier in July to start preparing for the new wave of COVID, which according to WHO and ECDC has already started.

Back then, Kyriakides urged EU countries to address the increase in infection cases and take measures to avoid further burdening societies and economies. Additionally, she called everyone to seek vaccination.

While the Coronavirus situation continues to remain stable in all EU countries, SchengenVisaInfo.com reported earlier this month that France had entered its eighth COVID-19 wave. Brigitte Autran, who is part of France’s vaccination strategic board, said that all the indicators of the eighth wave are on the up.