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Immigrant & Non Migrant Visas

Immigrant & Migrant Visas

If you want to immigrate to any country of your choice, you need a visa to enter and maintain immigrant status. Every immigrant falls into one of four categories which one should apply for provided they’re eligible because you cannot place everyone into one category.

The immigration process is complex in that it covers both nonimmigrant and immigrant visas. Non-immigrant visa is for foreign nationals to another country for visit or short stay purposes, these include Temporary Visas which are tourist visas provided for tourism, vacation, business tourists for business conferences, summits, events, medical treatment purposes, or visiting relatives.

The validity of these visas ranges from time granted by the consular after making decision on an application either online or by appointment.

What is an Immigrant visa?

An immigrant visa is issued to a foreign national who intends to live and work in another state other than his home country. Here, an applicant basically applies for a visa for purposes of attaining permanent residence or citizenship. There are various visa categories that one can apply for in order to attain the above status as outlined below.

What is a Non-immigrant Visa?

According to the United States Legal System, a non-immigrant visa as a temporary stay in the country. This means that you will visit a foreign country for a short period of time, for reasons such as tourism, business, and others, but will not stay there permanently.

Those who want to permanently move to a foreign country, to live and work there, they need to apply for the Immigrant Visa.

Non-immigrant Visa Types

The category of non-immigrant US visa has several types. Which type of visa you need to apply for is based on the purpose of your visit, so whether you are traveling for business, as a student, for tourism, or others.

Below is the list of visa types as well as the purpose of visit for each one, which determines the one you should apply for:

  • Tourist Visa.The Visitor Visa or the Tourist visa allows the holder to enter another country for the purposes of tourism.
  • Diplomatic and Official Visa.The Diplomatic and Official visa gives permission to officials and diplomats from foreign countries to enter a foreign country for official duties and purposes.
  • Courtesy Visa.The Courtesy visa is given to all those people who do not qualify for a Diplomatic and Official Visa but are considered of importance due to their ranks and positions. This includes for example, members of trade missions or diplomats with touristic intent.
  • Business Visa. The Business Visa is given to those who are travelling to a foreign country with business purposes as individuals or as a group of business people.
  • Student Visa.A student visa is given to those who have an admission from an international university to complete their studies. If you are going to study for less than 6 months, then you can only get a TRV visa, but for more than 6 months of studies, you will need a Student Visa.
  • Temporary Work Visa.Temporary work visas are given to those people who have a job offer in a given foreign country and will work for up to 6 months. To get this visa, the person must present a valid job offer letter from an employer and qualify for a temporary visa.


When applying for either an immigrant or non immigrant visa, it’s important to be aware of the latest news.

Immigration landscapes change from time to time. What is applicable today might become irrelevant tomorrow. That’s when you need to seek the help of an experienced immigration consultant.

If you’re confused about the end-to-end process, we advise you to get in touch with an us so we can help you unleash your dreams.