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November 1, 2022

These Are Top Breathtaking EU Destinations to Visit This Fall

As the winter season is approaching, there are several places that are there yet to be seen in the diverse continent of Europe.

Keeping in mind that restrictions regarding COVID-19 are no longer in place, which enables tourists to enjoy coastal, snowy and mountainous sights freely, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Here are some of the most remarkable destinations across the 27-nation-bloc that are worth visiting in fall and winter.

For those that are looking forward to a coastal getaway, the clear blue waters of Salento of Puglia in Italy are the perfect place, with only a four-hour drive away from Naples. What makes the trip to this destination exceptionally attractive is the tranquillity after a busy summer season that comes to an end by September.

The next best destination in Italy is Procida, which is named Italy’s capital of culture, which is also some 30 kilometres off the coast of Naples. Insula Boutique Hotel is one of the unique buildings before reaching the calm Chiaia beach.

The Island of Corfu, Greece, offers luxurious vacations, with eight restaurants on the site and private beaches with daybeds and spas, one of the most sought-out attractions. A recent study from Federalberghi has revealed that spas have experienced increases in demand, especially in Italy and other Mediterranean countries.

Those who enjoy food must forget Paris and visit Lisbon, which has underrated wine and very fresh fish, considering the geographic proximity. Walking tours, bus tours, cultural tours and day trips are very popular in the capital that can vary from half days to several days.

However, Paris remains a classic but not how it is widely known. Visiting the city of love doesn’t indicate only visiting Eiffel Tower or Louvre Museum. Instead, Dali Museum is a must-see attraction, as well as Au Petit Der a Cheval or Dammann Freres.

Switzerland is the next destination, which is very suitable for the upcoming winter season. The best spots to visit are Lucerne, which is a three-hour drive from Geneva and overlooks the gorgeous town sights. The old-town part of Lucerne has incredible religious architecture, such as the Chapel Bridge; also, enjoy a warm bowl of Swiss fondue.

In Austria, hike the cross-country Bergsteigerdörfer network of mountaineering villages to sample the local culture. Its neighbouring country, Germany, has the Hirschgrunf Zipline Area, which flies adventurers over the incredible valleys of the Black Forest region. In Austria, hike the cross-country Bergsteigerdörfer network of mountaineering villages to sample the local culture.