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November 4, 2023

Sweden Orders Quran-Burning Protester to Leave, Deportation Temporarily Delayed

Authorities in Sweden have withdrawn the resident permit of an Iraqi citizen who staged a series of public discretions of the Quran this year.

However, according to AP, the country put his deportation on hold, stressing that life would be in danger if he were returned to Iraq, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The decision taken by the Migration Agency of Sweden came after determining that Salwan Momika had provided false information in his application for asylum.

A Migration Agency official said that an order of deportation was issued; however, it was placed on hold for security reasons. According to Swedish media reports, Momika was granted a residence permit in 2021.

The decision was made yesterday and means that this person’s status and residence permit will be revoked and that he will be deported. 

agency spokesman Jesper Tengroth

However, Tengroth expressed his concerns that this person may be subject to torture and inhuman treatment if he returns to his origin country. Thus stressing that Sweden has considered that there is an obstacle to enforcing the deportation, according to a report from AP.

Monika sparked anger in Sweden and abroad following anti-Islam protests in which he burned or desecrated the Muslim holy book. Citing freedom of speech, authorities in Sweden permitted his demonstrations; however, his actions raised alarm among the government and security officials who warned they could make Sweden a target for terrorists.

In August this year, the Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, said that Sweden would tighten border controls, citing security concerns after Quran burnings.

He stressed that the country would also expand electronic border surveillance.

We are in daily contact with the Swedish intelligence services at the moment. That’s how serious we think the situation is,” Kristersson.

The Prime Minister of Sweden also emphasised that the country is intended to prevent all persons who have weak connections to this state from entering.

Recently, the government of Sweden revealed that it would reduce benefits for immigrants for immigrants coming from countries outside the European Union in order to discourage them from reaching this country.

Besides, Sweden plans also to introduce reforms requiring persons from territories outside the bloc to learn Swedish and compete for jobs in the country’s highly skilled labour market.

Authorities in this country have intensified their efforts in order to halt the number of persons who attempt to enter Sweden in an irregular way.