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April 26, 2023

Stockholm University Tasked With the Organisation of Admission Exams for

Sweden’s government has authorised Stockholm University to organise and conduct entrance exams for Ukrainians who fled their homes after Russia launched a full-scale invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, the Swedish Ministry of Education has announced.

According to a press release from the Ministry, the decision comes after the Ukrainian Ministry of Education asked the Swedish government for help to carry out the testing process, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Previously, admission tests to universities and colleges in Ukraine were conducted based on national standardised tests to ensure a fair assessment. The process was disrupted in 2022 due to the war, and the Ukrainian Parliament shifted to online testing.

“In order to be admitted to education, applicants need to pass special entrance exams for different education levels,” the press release published on Monday, April 17, 2023, reads.

Minister for Education of Sweden, Mats Persson, said that Ukraine needs well-educated people to recover from the war, adding that the country will support Ukrainians in Sweden, making it possible for them to take exams and apply to Ukrainian higher education institutions.

“Therefore, of course, we stand up and support the work to give Ukrainian people who have moved to Sweden the opportunity to participate in the exams so that they can apply for Ukrainian higher education,” Persson said.

This is the second time Stockholm University has been tasked to conduct entrance exams for Ukrainian refugees in Sweden. Last year, Ukraine’s Ministry of Education requested support from the Swedish authorities for the same issues.

Ukrainian citizens who have become refugees or have subsidiary protection in Ukraine and were forced to leave their home country due to the war can get a temporary residence permit in Sweden under the Temporary Protection Directive.

According to the Swedish Migration Agency, individuals who have applied for permits have the right to access primary medical care, send their children to schools, and seek financial support and help for accommodation.

In order to be eligible for a temporary residence permit, Ukrainian citizens must have entered Sweden on October 30, 2021, or later and should not be holding a different EU permit. Those whose residence permits expired on March 4 this year should apply for an extension if they want to continue their stay in Sweden.

Beginning this year, Swedish authorities issued a total of 7,862 residence permits, the majority (2,720) given for work purposes. Many permits (1,630) were also issued for asylum purposes.

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