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March 1, 2023

Spain to Abolish Carry-on Liquid Restrictions at Airports From 2024

Authorities in Spain plan to abolish the carry-on liquid rules in 2024, permitting passengers through some country’s airports to take over 100 ml liquids in their hand luggage without being subject to restrictions.

According to the announcement of Aena, the state-owned company in charge of general interest airports in Spain, from 2024, liquid restrictions will be abolished at Madrid- Bajaras and Barcelona-El Prat airports,  SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

After Madrid and Barcelona, the scanners will be introduced at airports of Palma de Mallorca as well as Málaga-Costa del Sol from 2025 and in the year 2026 in Gran Canaria, Tenerife Sur and Fuerteventura, among others, Murcia Today report notes.

The same noted that travellers will also be eligible to leave electronics in their luggage after new 3D X-ray technology is installed.

The new rules mean that passengers are also eligible to take their bottles of wine or olive oil in their hand luggage.

Aena said that it would make a significant investment in the Explosive Detection System for Cabin Baggage (EDSCB) projected to generate a 3D image of the content of suitcases. The new project is designed to save travellers time without compromising security in airports.

Authorities in Spain kept in place rules on liquids since 2006 following a failed terrorist plot on flights from London. Since then, the 100 ml limit covers gels, pastes, and emulsions, in addition to liquids.

The Intelligence Services reported about a plot that would blow up a large number of airlines over the Atlantic Ocean. Back then, it was stressed that targeted flights were leaving from London’s Heathrow Airport with destinations across North American countries.

New 3D scanners and enhanced X-ray technology have already been tested in the United States and will soon be introduced in a European airport. In addition, the government of the United Kingdom also announced that it would be using new scanners from June 2024.

The 100ml liquid restriction was also applied in Ireland but it was lifted year.

Back then travel expert Eoghan Corry also mentioned the new technology that would save passengers time while ensuring safety at the country’s airports.

The abolishment of rules on liquids was first confirmed at Shannon airport.

“Shannon has introduced it – they introduced it before Christmas – Donegal Airport have also introduced it. What we’ll probably see, and this is really good news, is over the next 12 months, the major airports introducing this,” Corry said.

These new changes introduced at several airports among others are expected to prevent the chaos caused at airports, especially during the peak summer season.

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