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September 20, 2023

Serbian Actor Banned From Entering Schengen Area Following Multiple Offences

The Croatian authorities have said that Sergej Trigunović, a Serbian actor, has been banned from entering the territory of the Schengen Area for a period of one year.

Such a decision was taken after he committed several offences in two days during his stay in Croatia, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

As the authorities have revealed, Trigunović committed his first offence on Kašjuni. During his stay on the city beach, he left his German Shepherd unattended among other bathers.

Following this, the citizens called the police to report the matter, and as soon as the police arrived, the actor insulted them.

The actor was fined at the General Misdemeanor Court for two violations with €500 and €50 in court costs.

Not long after the police completed the legal procedure related to this case, the actor violated the law again in the centre of Split, where he left his dog unattended again. He was fined with another €200 at the same court.

While the police said that all measures were taken in line with the current laws in place, Trifunović wrote on his official Instagram account, assaulting the police, so the latter fined him for the third time.

The third fine, which was €1,000, was paid by him at the Bajakovo border crossing, and then he wrote again on his social media account.

For this reason, following several violations and insults towards the police, the actor has received a one-year entry ban.

In his statement on social media, Trifunović said that the Split police officers arrested him three times, mentally harassed him, and fined him more than €1,500.

He continued to assault Split police officers further by calling them “bastards” and continued to say to them to feel free to issue another warrant. He also said that he would no longer be visiting the country but would reach Greece instead.

However, since an entry ban has been issued, he will now not be permitted to enter any of the Schengen Area countries.

Commenting on the matter, the police spokesperson, ​Antonela Lolić, said that the actor was fined in line with the law. She also stressed that the behaviour of police officers was professional and legal.

The imposed penalties are not a tribute but are penalties determined by the laws of the Republic of Croatia. We will not refer to the other derogatory names for police officers and insults that he presented in his post here because it is not appropriate for a public space.

​Antonela Lolić

Lolić also said that they would conduct an investigation on the matter and suggested that the authorities would not allow anyone to disobey the law.