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June 1, 2023

Portugal’s Top 10 Beaches to Unwind in Peace & Away

Portugal has a magnificent coastline that is blessed with breathtaking beaches, and while popular destinations like Algarve offer vibrant nightlife, there are hidden gems worth exploring for those seeking a more relaxed experienced.

If you dream of basking in the shade of palm trees with your loved ones, away from the crowds, SchengenVisaInfo.com unveils ten serene destinations that promise an unforgettable beach getaway.

1. Praia da Ursa

Bear Beach, as it translates to English, earned its name from two rock formations that resemble a bear holding its cub. The destination can be slightly remote since to reach it from Lisbon; tourists will have to take a 40-minute train to Cascais and then another 25-minute bus trip to Cabo de Roca lighthouse and finally a 15-minute walk that takes you down to the beach.

However, the experience one can take away from this beach is worth the hassle. It has cold blue water and warm sand, while rocky mountains surround the beach, offering a sense of privacy for visitors.

The destination isn’t listed as an official naturist spot, meaning that the chances to be one of the fewest visitors while other beaches in Portugal deal with overcrowding can be very high.

© Claudio Schwarz | Unsplash

2. Praia do Norte

Are you seeking tranquillity during the night time but want to spend an active day at Portugal’s wildest beaches? Praia do Norte, which is known for its untouched coastline, rolling dunes and tall bushy trees, is your destination.

Even during calmer swells, the ocean here can be challenging, so visitors are advised to be careful when entering the water. Those that have the chance to visit Praia do Norte during the winter month can witness waves reaching over 24 meters.

© Armando Brenlha | Unsplash

3. Praia do Camilo

This beach, which is located in the town of Lagos, is truly a hidden gem, as visitors will have to walk hundreds of steps to reach it.

It is a typical Portuguese beach – azure waters and golden sand are its signatures, while the serenity is just unmatched for this destination.

© Claudio Schwarz | Unsplash

4. Praia do Qunita de Lago

The golf resort lies right behind Praia do Camilo, and it is characterised by Portugal’s longest footbridges, which visitors will have to walk through in order to reach the picturesque beach.

It’s advisable to wear comfortable shoes for the walk and not worry about anything except for how beautiful this destination is and crystal-clear open waters on this beach can be.

5. Praia de Cavaleiro

The serene and captivating ambience at Knight’s Beach, as it translates in English, will inspire visitors never to change this destination whenever they are in Portugal.

It is a small, charming and calm beach on the Alentejo coast, and despite its unmatched beauty, it is often uncrowded. Embark on an adventure to have the most relaxing vacation in 2023.

6. Praia Baleal

The beach is located in the community of Peniche and is popular for its fine, white sands and calm waters – creating an ideal ambient for families with toddlers and small children.

Those that seek active beach time will also find their fair share of fun as this beach is a paradise of water sports, such as windsurfing and bodyboarding.

© Reiseuhu | Unsplash

7. Praia da Comporta

Unlike all other beaches so far on this list, De Comporta Beach is ideal for those that love shopping.

It exudes a Hamptons-like vibe and has many cafes and shops where visitors can enjoy a delightful time around the sunset, so why not in the sunrise too?

© Ben Hickingbotham | Unsplash

8. Praia do Amado

Lovers Beach is situated in Aljezur and can be enjoyed by those that visit with their loved ones or those that come in for a self-discovery journey.

The destination has excellent waves, grassy dunes and majestic cliffs, creating the ideal setting for those that want to practice or learn surfing.

© Dennis Mita | Unsplash

9. Praia Ribeira do Cavalo

This beach is a nearby destination to Lisbon and captivates people with its beauty – turquoise waters and soft, almost pink sands make it a true treasure.

However, reaching it can be a bit of a hassle as it is inaccessible by car due to park regulations, leaving travellers to walk or get a boat taxi.

© Michel Silva | Unsplash

10. Praia de Carcavelos

Visitors to Lisbon can easily escape the noisy city with a trip to Praia de Carcavelos., which is easily accessible and immensely beautiful.

The destination isn’t among the quietest, but it can be great for socialising or learning how to surf, especially for beginners.

© Hugo Oliveira | Unsplash