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August 12, 2023

Norway: Trains to Oslo Airport Stop Operating Due to Weather,

Extreme weather has caused train services between Oslo S and Eidsvoll, including routes to Oslo Airport, to put their services to a halt, while flights from Oslo Airport remain mostly on schedule, despite the weather.

According to Aviation 24, passengers affected by the disruption were left to find transportation on their own, which caused long waiting queues and havoc in traffic, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Some travellers were reportedly disappointed and frustrated for not being informed on time and for limited alternatives provided to them, which include airport buses, carpooling, driving and taxis.

Despite Unibuss Ekspress and OSL-Ekspress operating their services regularly, that won’t increase bus numbers.

Oslo Airport advises travellers to plan their trips carefully and always leave space and time for unexpected inconveniences as the train line closes. While air traffic has been delayed for later on the day, flights are still departing from the airport.

Recent reports also indicate that much of Southern and Eastern Norway is dealing with the so-called Hans storm which is expected to be the most powerful storm for the last 25 years in the country.

Public transport has been disputed for the next two days, including ferries, trains as well as air travel. In addition, many roads are closed and it is highly advised to stay home.

The poor weather conditions have caused many travellers and holidaymakers to have their destinations reconsidered as many flights have been cancelled in recent weeks.

Previously, Portuguese authorities announced that Faro, Madeira and Lisbon region – three major destinations for tourists were categorised under a yellow warning due to the weather.

The soaring temperatures have caused more than 50 municipalities in the North and Centre region, as well as the Altro Alentejo and Algarve, to be prone to wildfires.

The spreading flames have caused many casualties across Europe and even more damage, especially in popular tourist destinations such as Greece and Italy.

A wildfire spreading in Italy last month caused three casualties while storms in the northern part of the country took the lives of four people. In addition, two pilots died while trying to put down fires in Greece, as the country was dealing with wildfires. Rhodes Island was specifically impacted as thousands of residents and tourists were evacuated from their homes and accommodation facilities.

Earlier this week, the Greek Prime Minister announced that tourists that were sent home due to wildfires would get one-week vacations without any costs, in an effort to compensate the visitors.

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