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June 24, 2023

Lufthansa Group Introduces New Baggage Drop-off Counters at Frankfurt Airport

Baggage drop off for passengers of Lufthasa at the Frankfurt Airport (FRA) has just become easier than ever, as 21 state-of-the-art check-in counters located at Concourses A and B of Terminal 1 have been made accessible for passengers flying with this airline.

In a statement issued on June 16, FRA noted that the automated bag drop function would let passengers deposit their baggage quickly and conveniently, even outside regular check-in hours. This feature will expedite check-in and provide added convenience for travellers, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

According to Frankfurt Airport, while passengers can drop off their bags with Lufthansa staff, the automated bag drop function allows them to complete the process independently.

“The new check-in counters provide passengers at FRA with a convenient, modern and efficient travel experience right from their first stop inside the terminal. Using state-of-the-art technology optimises the baggage drop-off process,” Fraport AG’s Executive Director of Aviation and Infrastructure Pierre Dominique Prümm pointed out in this regard.

In addition, the Chief Executive Officer of Lufthansa Airlines, Jens Ritter, emphasised the importance of a smoothly functioning infrastructure for both the airline and the airport in terms of growth in the medium and long time.

He also acknowledged that passengers have certain expectations during their journey, including here receiving accurate and timely information, having the option to choose between digital services and assistance from staff, and experiencing short walking distances and minimal waiting times.

Ritter pointed out that the journey begins on the ground, and the new bag drops counters at Frankfurt Airport play a crucial role in meeting these passenger demands. By introducing state-of-the-art bag drop counters, Lufthansa Group aims to enhance the overall passenger experience and improve the efficiency of the check-in process.

Moreover, the collaboration between Lufthansa Group and the airport authorities involved two construction phases, each lasting approximately six months, to install the new check-in counters at Frankfurt Airport.

During this process, the old counters were dismantled, along with a significant portion of the ceiling structure that housed the technical equipment responsible for connecting the counters with the baggage conveyor system.

The technical planning and development of the baggage drop-off machines for the Lufthansa check-in counters were undertaken by Fraport in close collaboration with Lufthansa. The design of the new counters was created by Marcus Pedersen design company from Denmark and the German architectural firm netzwerkarchitekten.

As the airport operator, Fraport invested approximately €20 million in this project. The investment demonstrates Fraport’s commitment to continuously enhancing the infrastructure at Frankfurt Airport to improve the passenger experience.

The construction project focused on check-in counters 200 to 400 in Terminal 1. Still, Fraport plans to install the new generation of bag-drop counters in additional areas of the terminal in the future.