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April 25, 2023

Latvia Ranks 19th Safest Country in the World for Solo

Latvia is one of the world’s best countries to travel to as a solo female tourist, due to its safety levels, according to the travel portal EnjoyTravel, which has looked at over 20 countries to find the best travel destination for solo women travellers in 2023.

This study included a total of eight criteria for the 20 safest countries in the world for women travelling alone, which are as follows:

  • Crime and Safety Index
  • Percentage of women who have experienced violence
  • Female homicide rates
  • Domestic abuse laws
  • Percentage of women who feel safe walking at night
  • Attitudes towards violence against women
  • Public Transport and Taxi Safety
  • Global gender gap index score

According to EnjoyTravel, the maximum number of points a country can receive is 60, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Amongst the top countries in this list, Latvia is ranked 19th with 46 points in terms of violence against women with 32 per cent of Latvian women experiencing some kind of violence. This means that more than half of the female population feels safe walking at night, and thus Latvia’s safety index is more than 60 out of 100.

Latvian women are highly educated, with a literacy rate of over 99 per cent. In addition, the population of Latvia includes less than two million inhabitants and it is one of the greenest countries in Europe with more than half of its land covered by forests.

Based on the crime index it is below 38, categorizing Latvia as one of the safest countries in the world.

Among other Baltic states besides Latvia, Estonia took 15th place with 49 points and Lithuania was also ranked 13th with 49 points.

Estonia, one of the smallest countries in Europe, consists of a population of only 1.3 million people. Violence against women is also somewhat higher with around 20 per cent of the female population having suffered from it. On the other hand, the country has a great safety index of over 76 out of 100.

Lithuania also ranks eighth for gender equality globally, and the overall statistics are pretty good. It holds the best ratings on education regarding violence against women, with only two per cent of the population believing that a man is justified in being violent against a woman.

Moreover, at the top list of the safest places for women to travel are Slovenia, Taiwan and Oman. In this case, Slovenia is known as one of the few countries where International Women’s Day is an official holiday, and almost 80 per cent of women feel safe even outside their homes at night. As for Taiwan, a percentage of 40 per cent of seats in the parliament are held by women.

In the first position as a country that has the lowest number of women killed and the overall crime rate is also low in the world is Oman, with a crime score below 20.

In this country, women are encouraged to pursue higher education, and the government runs campaigns to draw attention to women’s rights, despite the fact that Oman is an Islamic country and, as a result, expressions of freedom of speech can be limited.