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July 3, 2023

Ireland Suspends Re-Entry Visa Requirements for Children Under 16

Children in Ireland under the age of 16 are no longer subject to the re-entry visa requirements as the country’s authorities have suspended such a rule.

Announcing the news, the Irish Department of Justice said that the re-entry visa requirements for all children under 16 have been suspended with immediate effect, and they will remain so until further notice, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

According to the Department, despite the re-entry visa requirements being suspended, children under the age of 16 who are residing in Ireland and who wish to enter the country must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who must hold a valid residence permit.

Moreover, the adult that accompanies the child under 16 must also prove that they are the legal parent or guardian by presenting appropriate documentation.

“Children under 16 who are currently residing in the State and who wish to re-enter the State must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian who holds in-date permission to reside in the State. The adult accompanying the child must also provide appropriate documentation to prove they are the legal parent or guardian of the child in question,” the statement of the Department of Justice reads.

The Department further explains that in order to prove the relationship between the parent of the guardian and the child, several documents can be submitted.

To prove such a relationship, a birth or adoption certificate or guardianship papers that show the relationship with the child under 16 are suitable.

Moreover, a marriage or a divorce certificate or a death certificate in the case of a deceased parent can also be submitted to prove the relationship between the parent or guardian with the child.

“Any child who is not currently residing in the State and wishes to enter the State can apply for an entry visa at their nearest VO or mission, the Department added.

In order to ensure the safety of all children, Ireland applies certain entry rules for everyone under 18.

The Department explains that strict rules are applied to minors travelling unaccompanied. All those unaccompanied under the age of 18 entering Ireland must present a signed letter from the parent/guardian giving consent for travel.

They must also present a copy of a document identifying the parent or the guardian and the aforementioned document proving the relationship.

Strict rules also apply to those travelling with a minor who is not their child or has a different surname, as well as to groups travelling with minors.