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September 19, 2023

How SAIT emphasizes international student diversification on its campus

At the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, international students have come from over 140 countries to pursue higher education in Canada.

Accordingly, SAIT is one of the most globally diverse schools in this country, a vital characteristic of many of Canada’s best post-secondary educational institutions.

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The importance of global diversification within post-secondary institutions

Global diversification turns the classroom into a place where people from many backgrounds, upbringings, and life experiences can come together. This greatly benefits students, as they can hear a wider range of opinions and perspectives, which improves their ability to be culturally aware and sensitive of others.

As outlined in Canada’s most recent International Student Education Strategy (2019-2024), this speaks to the value of international students through the global diversification that they create in an educational setting.

“Incoming students … spark new ideas and increase Canada’s innovation capacity. International education [also] fuels the people-to-people ties crucial to … an increasingly interconnected global economy.”

SAIT’s globally diverse campus

International students who come to study at SAIT are given many opportunities to work with others from different cultures and social groups. This includes both newcomers and domestic Canadian students.

As a leader in applied education, SAIT provides a hands-on learning experience that allows people from diverse backgrounds to get to know one another closely, working together to progress towards a common goal. Accordingly, students to develop their cultural awareness capabilities, for the betterment of themselves and their communities.

SAIT’s globally diverse campus also benefits international students on a larger scale because it allows the institution to ensure that each program offering is curated and relevant to them.

At SAIT, we also trust that our campus is at its best when it is as diverse as possible. That’s why SAIT believes firmly in the concept of a global campus, one where students from such unique backgrounds can meet, explore and learn together.

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Getting an education at SAIT

One of the foremost advantages of studying at SAIT is that many programs available to international students are directly aligned with key labour market needs and opportunities in Canada.

Notably, SAIT’s program offerings for international students extend beyond the usually popular few programs such as Business Administration or Business and Entrepreneurship.

For instance, SAIT offers programs to international students that align with many of Canada’s 15 most in-demand labour market opportunities and industries according to a list published by recruitment agency Randstad Canada in January 2023.

Note: The table below will identify the job opportunity/industry listed by Randstad (including its ranking on the list), followed by the program at SAIT that aligns with the job/industry. Also included will be the reported number of job vacancies in the appropriate industry across Canada (as of Q1 2023 reported by Statistics Canada).

Job/Industry Rank on Randstad List

(Most In-Demand Jobs)

Applicable SAIT Program(s) Q1 2023 Vacancies in Applicable Industry
Developer 1 Software Development Professional, Scientific and Technical Services: 51,885
Mechanical Engineering 3 Mechanical Engineering Technology Manufacturing: 60,550
Welder 4 Welding and Fabrication Technology and Welding Engineering Technology Construction: 64,315
Accounting Technician 5 Accounting Finance and Insurance: 30,655
Customer Service Representative 8 Hospitality and Tourism Management (Travel and Tourism) Accommodation and Food Services: 98,140
Administrative Assistant 11 Administrative Information Management Services except Public Administration: 34,960
Production Supervisor 13 Film and Video Production


Arts, Entertainment and Recreation: 13,860
Construction Project Manager 15 Bachelor of Science Construction Project Management Construction: 64,315

How SAIT welcomes international students to Calgary and Canada as a whole

Almost a third of SAIT’s student population is made up of international students. As part of welcoming international students to their new environment, SAIT conducts an Orientation for International Students.

Most recently, over two days at the end of August (August 28 and 29), SAIT’s International Centre hosted four total orientation sessions for 2000 new international students coming to Calgary from more than 85 different countries.

At these orientation events, new international students were introduced to the International Centre Support Team and greeted by student volunteers from whom they had the opportunity to learn why SAIT is a top destination for international students.

Each orientation session included the following four components: A campus tour, A welcome fair, an information session on academic readiness and an information session on social insurance numbers.

At SAIT and across Calgary, students participate in a global community of students and faculty where we seek to share and develop broad cultural understanding and a more complete view of the world around us. This is why we put such great emphasis on making international students comfortable here through orientation events like these.

SAIT looks forward to continuing to welcome more international students to this campus, city and country and seeing the limitless potential of these students flourish in the years to come.

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