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September 7, 2022

Germany: Deadline Looming for International Students That Fled Ukraine

Refugees from Ukraine can easily apply for a residency permit in Germany, but the case is not the same for nationals of other countries who fled the war.

Since Germany does not apply the same rules for nationals of Ukraine and those from other countries, hundreds of international students will be affected as they face a deadline to leave Germany, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Currently, all Ukrainian citizens are being fast-tracked through the immigration system of Germany. However, the immigration process for third-country nationals, including students, is more complicated, Deutsche Welle explains.

The majority of international students have just a few weeks left to apply for permission to stay in Germany. According to Deutsche Welle, international students without a valid visa can only stay in Germany until the end of August, and after that, they will be required to apply for a regular residence permit.

Commenting on the issue, a Nigerian student said that the German government seems to purposely forget that the war affected everyone who was in Ukraine during that time.

Another student has also seen the current rules that Germany applies as discriminatory. The student said that he was not expecting Germany to discriminate against international students.

Nonetheless, the Minister of Interior of Germany rejected all accusations of discrimination. The Minister said that Germany’s policy regarding nationals of third countries who fled Ukraine follows EU requirements.

Deutsche Welle explains that international students whose leaving deadline is approaching have the option to apply for a student visa.

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However, in order to be able to do that, they need to be accepted onto a university course. In addition, they also need to prove that they have about €10,000 in a blocked bank account to show that they can support their stay in Germany.

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Apart from the above-mentioned, most universities also require international students to have a good level of German and a certificate proving it.

Despite the Minister saying that all third-country nationals who want to study in Germany receive equal treatment, many of them who fled Ukraine find it hard to meet such requirements in such a short period of time.

Hamburg and Bremen are issuing a six-month temporary permit to international students who fled Ukraine. Such a permit allows international students to apply for a university course and start learning German. While many international students have moved to these city-states, many others have argued that six months is not enough to restart their lives in Germany.