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December 9, 2022

Finland Expects Up to 40,000 Ukrainian Applications for Temporary Protection

The Finnish authorities have estimated that during 2023 around 30,000–40,000 new applicants for temporary protection will be filed in in the country by Ukrainian refugees.

According to Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen, with the arrival of winter and Russia’s frequent attacks on the energy infrastructure, the situation in Ukraine is even more difficult now than in the past months, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

She also pointed out that millions of Ukrainians are without electricity, heat, and water.

“It is very likely that as the possibilities of everyday life become more difficult, more and more Ukrainians will have to flee their homeland and seek safety elsewhere. We also have to prepare for an increase in the number of war refugees in need of help in Finland. It is our duty to help the Ukrainians,” Minister Mikkonen also noted.

The Ministry of the Interior coordinates the entire reception organization for Ukrainian refugees entering Finland. In addition, Finnish organizations and companies continue to offer full support to the refugees of Ukraine.

Previously, the Ministry of the Interior of Finland decided to extend the validity of residence permits for Ukrainian refugees.

In this regard, the Ministry said that the legislative project would be extended from September 12, 2022, to March 31, next year. Therefore, Ukrainian refugees do not need to apply for an extension of their residence permit.

At the beginning of September, the same source conducted an online survey through which it was revealed that out of 2,136 Ukrainian refugees surveyed, about 27 per cent declared that they did not want to return to Ukraine.

Such data also show that after the end of the war, a third, or 33 per cent of them, had decided to go back to Ukraine.

According to the Ministry, of those who have not yet decided what to do, there are close to 40 per cent.

Moreover, from the beginning of the war in Ukraine until September, about 38,000 Ukrainians arrived in Finland to seek temporary protection or asylum.

Half of the people surveyed by the Ministry came from Kharkiv, Kyiv, or Donetsk regions.

Further data from the Ministry revealed that about 51 per cent of these had also applied for temporary protection in Finland, 43 per cent because of friends and relatives, and another 18 per cent for employment and study purposes.

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