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March 19, 2023

EU Increases Erasmus+ 2023 Annual Work Programme Budget, With a

The European Commission has announced that the general budget of the Erasmus+ Annual Work Programme for this year has been increased to a new total of €4.43 billion, which is the highest annual financial amount ever achieved by the Erasmus+ programme.

According to a recent statement of the EU Commission, a total of €100 million frontload from the Erasmus+ 2027 budget will be allocated to facilitate the integration of those fleeing the war in Ukraine and support projects that promote educational activities, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

At the same time, this programme aims to support organisations, students and staff in Ukraine.

The authority also stated that this budget would reinforce Erasmus+ priorities in general on inclusion, active citizenship and democratic participation, and on the green and digital transition in the EU and internationally.

“The anticipated funds will reinforce activities put in place for Ukrainians fleeing the war through additional support for beneficiary organisations of the Erasmus+. Funded activities may range from linguistic and cultural integration courses, language learning tools, addressed to educators or learners, to scholarships or general financial support in all Erasmus+ sectors for learners and educators,” the statement issued by the EU Commission reads.

With a total of €31 million, there was a budget increase in the international dimension of Erasmus+, which will be used to strengthen mobility projects and increase capacities in higher education in support of international cooperation projects.

This type of action will also support a structural reform project this year aimed at creating a digital open education environment that would provide quality education and training to students enrolled in Ukrainian higher education institutions, to those who leave Ukraine or internally displaced students.

It also aims to provide educational opportunities for the wider Ukrainian community abroad, based on cooperation between Ukrainian universities and other European universities.

Even this year, following the European Year of Youth 2022, the Erasmus+ programme continues to guarantee that the voices of young people are heard throughout the EU and beyond through increased youth activities financed by Erasmus+.

As the EU Commission explains, the Erasmus+ programme is one of the most emblematic programmes of the EU, where over 13 million people are part of it so far. From 2021 to 2027, the total budget available for Erasmus+ amounts to €26.2 billion, supplemented by around €2.2 billion from external EU instruments as well.

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