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October 28, 2022

Dutch Lawmakers Urge Govt to Investigate More Before Accepting Bulgaria

The lawmakers in the Netherlands have introduced a new resolution on October 20, urging the government not to take irreversible steps regarding Bulgaria and Romania accession to the borderless area of Schengen until it carries out further investigations into border surveillance and about the decrease in corruption and organised crime in both these Balkan countries.

According to the lawmakers, the investigations carried out by European Union experts on the rule of law, as well as corruption and organised crime in the two countries, are of limited scope while urging the government to carry out supplementary investigations on their own, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Previously Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca expressed his concern regarding the vote in the Dutch Parliament, recalling that authorities in Romania urged Dutch experts to conduct further investigations on the aspects they find concerning. The Romanian PM also confirmed that all the requirements regarding the country’s accession to the borderless area were met.

Recently, the Members of the European Union Parliament adopted a non-legislative resolution urging the Council of the European Union to take all the necessary measures by the end of this to adopt a decision regarding the admission of both countries to the Schengen Zone.

The resolution was adopted with a total of 547 votes in favour, 49 votes against as well as 43 abstaining.

In addition, MEPs criticised the Council for failing to take a decision regarding Bulgaria and Romania accession to Schengen.

“Maintaining internal border controls is discriminatory and has a serious impact on the lives of mobile workers and citizens. By obstructing imports, exports, and the free flow of goods from freight ports, they also harm the EU single market,” MEPs pointed out, according to a recent report of the European Parliament.

Despite the fact that Bulgaria and Romania have met the technical conditions since 2011, both countries’ accession to the Schengen Zone has still not been finalised.

In August this year, authorities in Bulgaria and Romania have called on the EU experts to reassess both countries’ readiness to become part of Schengen, urging them to take a decision at the leader’s meeting that will be held in December this year.

Previously, the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, expressed support for the Schengen membership for Bulgaria and Romania.

The European Union’s Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, said that the Schengen Zone should be completed by allowing these two countries to officially become part of the Schengen Zone.