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New Zealand

New Zealand

Do I need a visa for New Zealand?

Do you need a visa for your trip to New Zealand? All travellers that want to travel to New Zealand by plane or by cruise ship require a visa to do so. Only travellers with a New Zealand or Australian passport are exempt from this. Applying for the NZeTA online is the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to meet this requirement. Check before applying if all the requirements are met, such as the maximum length of stay of 3 months.

What is an NZeTA? An NZeTA is an electronic travel permit (visa waiver) for New Zealand. The abbreviation stands for “New Zealand electronic Travel Authority”. If you apply for an NZeTA online, you will not need to visit the embassy to have a visa applied to your passport. After approval, an NZeTA is digitally linked to the passport, and can thus be compared to the ETA for Australia and the eTA for Canada. When this website mentions the New Zealand visa it refers to the NZeTA, unless otherwise specified.


New Zealand visa requirements and validity term

To make use of the simple online application procedure of the NZeTA visa for New Zealand, the requirements listed below need to be met. It is also important to take into account the validity term and the overall length of stay per trip.