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Australian Visa Requirements


A valid application should have the applicable visa application charge, a completed form 48R and a passport size photograph of each applicant. Itis in the interest of the applicant to ensure that ALL the documentation detailed on this list is provided at the time of lodgment ofyour application.

The visa application charge is UGX 262083 Shs Please note that this office will only accept payment in cash for US Dollars and Ugandan Shillings at the counter. Payment in US Dollars being sent by courier, should be made by International bank draft made payable to Australian High Commission and the draft should be drawn on a bank in New York. Personal cheques and credit cards are NOT acceptable.


Please note that the counter, general and passport enquiries hours are 8am-4:30pm, Monday
to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Immigration and visa enquiries: Telephone enquiries Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 1200
Opening hours Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 11:00am



Please provide originals and certified copies of the required documents. All original documents provided in support of the application will be returned to the applicant upon finalization of the application. Documents that are issued in languages other than English must be accompanied with an official English translation.

Avalid passport for the period of your stay in Australia.
‘If you are employed: – a letter from your employer with details of your income, length of
your Contract/ employment, amount of leave and if your employment will continue on.

your return from Australia,

«Ifyou are a student: – evidence of your enrollment at your school/college or university.

+ All applicants aged below 18 years of age and who are not traveling with both parents
must provide a statutory declaration from the non-traveling parent/guardian giving
permission to travel to Australia. Certified copies of parents/guardian’s national identity cards or passports must be provided.

  • Evidence of funds available to you; such as original and certified copies of bank
    statements. If the intended travel is being supported by a third person or organization, an
    undertaking by that person or organization to provide the funds must be provided.
  • A signed letter of authorization for this office to verify any bank statements provided in support of the application. The letter of authorization should be issued and signed by the.
    account holder of the bank statements provided. Alternatively, the account holder should complete and sign the attached authorization letter to enable this office to verify the bank statements provided in support of the application.
  • If anyone in Australia is paying for your ticket, providing you with funds or maintaining you while in Australia, they need to send evidence of funds (i.e. bank statements) to this office.

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