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November 5, 2023

Chinese & Brazilian Travellers Most Concerned About EU Tourism Infrastructures

Chinese and Brazilian travellers have expressed the highest level of concern regarding tourism infrastructure when travelling to Europe among the six key markets, the Long-Haul Travel Barometer survey shows.

According to the survey conducted by the European Travel Commission (ETC), when choosing a holiday destination overseas, safety was the most important criterion, selected by 41 per cent of all markets, making it a primary consideration for travellers.

The second most significant criterion for selecting an overseas holiday destination, identified by 40 per cent of respondents, was the high quality of tourism infrastructure, with particular emphasis from Chinese and Brazilian respondents, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Of the total, 44 per cent of travellers from Brazil and China said that the high quality of tourism infrastructures is one of the most important criteria for choosing a holiday destination in Europe.

Travellers from Australia followed closely at 39 per cent, both Canadian and US travellers stood at 36 per cent, while Japanese travellers displayed a 32 per cent emphasis on the quality of tourism infrastructure.

The quality of tourism infrastructure significantly improves the overall visitor experience and encompasses both the physical and organisational elements that shape how tourists encounter a destination.

It also extends to aspects of the traveller’s stay and reaches all the way to the attractions and activities that contribute to the destination’s unique appeal.

Both Chinese and Brazilian respondents, displaying a strong interest in quality tourism infrastructure, chose France as one of the top European destinations they intend to visit.

France remains a leading destination, not only for Brazilians and Australians but also as the most popular European choice, attracting a staggering 79.4 million international tourists in 2022.

Among Chinese respondents, France takes the lead, with 47 per cent of them selecting it as their preferred European destination.

On the other hand, for Brazilian respondents, France comes in second place, with 37 per cent of them expressing an intention to visit the country, while Portugal takes the top spot with 45 per cent.

When travelling to Europe, Brazilian and Chinese respondents exhibit diverse interests in the activities they plan to experience.

For Brazilians, culture and history top the list as their primary interest, followed by a gastronomy experience at 42 per cent and city life activities at 37 per cent.

Conversely, Chinese respondents prioritise gastronomy experiences as their main activity in Europe, with 40 per cent of respondents showing interest. City life activities, including street art, tie with culture and history at 32 per cent.

Regarding the preferred mode of transport for getting around Europe, both Chinese and Brazilian travellers favour air travel.

Chinese respondents show a significant preference for full-service air travel at 83 per cent, followed by 29 per cent inclined towards low-cost air travel, and 25 per cent planning to opt for train passes.

Brazilian respondents, on the other hand, highly prefer low-cost air travel, with 44 per cent choosing this option, followed by train passes at 36 per cent and single and return train tickets at 32 per cent.