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July 12, 2023

Algerians’ Expenditure on Schengen Visa Fees Surpassed €31 Million in

Algerian nationals have filed a total of 392,053 visa applications at Schengen states consulates in 2022, generating more than €31.3 million in visa application fees or DZD 4.6 billion (Algerian Dinar), while a Schengen visa application costs €80 – almost one-third of the €300-average wage of Algerians.

Schengen Statistics reveal that Spain was the top destination for Algerian applicants in 2022, with 26 per cent of total applications being filed at Spanish consulates.

More specifically, 102,656 applications were filed at consulates in Algiers and Oran, generating a total of €8.2 million in Schengen visa application fees, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Algerians have also spent large amounts on visa applications to France and Italy – €3.2 and €1.4 million, respectively, while 41,109 and 17,814 applications were filed by Algerian nationals.

The list of top five countries that received the most visa applications by this nationality and, consequently, cost the highest expenses is concluded with Germany and Belgium, as Algerians spent €487,680 and €480,400 for visa application fees, respectively.

Algerians are the fifth nationality to file the most applications at Schengen countries’ consulates, falling behind the neighbouring country of Morocco with 423,201 applications and €33.8 million in visa applications expenses and India with 687,239 applications (€54.9 million) while Turks and Russians hold the first and second position respectively.

A total of 778,409 visa applications were filed at consulates in Türkiye, generating €62.2 million in expenses, while Russians spent €54.9 million to file 687,239 visa applications in 2022.

The data show that the number of applications filed by Algerian nationals has skyrocketed in 2022, as application rates rose from 140,212 to 392,053, placing Algeria from sixth to fifth country with the most Schengen visa applications for the year.

In terms of expenses, the 180 per cent increase in applications filed by Algerians resulted in an additional €20.1 million spent on visa application fees throughout 2022.

Schengen states, on the other hand, issued 191,187 visas to Algerians, with 1,452 being LTVs and the share of Multi Entry Visas issued reaching 39.40 per cent, far lower than those of Morocco (57.5 per cent), India (54.9 per cent), Russia (72.5 per cent) and Tukiye (78.1 per cent) – all of these being top five applicant countries for 2022.

Algeria also has the highest not issued rate for uniform visas among all five countries – 45.8 per cent while Russia has the lowest – only ten per cent of uniform visas being denied for Russian nationals.

The low recognition rate of not issued uniform visas for Algerian nationals can be linked to a visa dispute between Algeria and France, as due to high migration rates from Algeria, the EU country decided to introduce a cap on the number of visas issued to the African country.

Schengen Visa Statistics show that almost 40,000 visa applications submitted by Algerian nationals were denied in 2021, with 80 per cent of them being rejected by French authorities. With a total of 140,212 applications filed in 2021, Algerians received a positive answer only on 83,941 of them, while 32 per cent were denied. Despite the restriction, France issued the most Schengen visas to Algerians, followed by Spain and Italy.

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