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May 24, 2023

About 550 Asylum Seekers in Denmark Waiting to Be Deported,

There are nearly 550 asylum seekers in Denmark waiting to be deported following their rejected asylum applications, according to the figures of Denmark’s Ministry of Immigration and Integration.

The data of the Ministry shows that the number of rejected asylum applications has halved in two years, and it is the lowest registered in about 15 years, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The Ministry has stressed that the number of rejected asylum applications has significantly decreased from 1,155 registered at the end of 2020 to about 550 two years later, based on the figures from the Home Travel Agency, accounting for the lowest number since 2 009.

The Ministry attributed the low number of rejected applications for asylum to the low influx of asylum seekers to Denmark in recent years.

The recent figures have been welcomed by Immigration and Integration Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek, who said that they show that “we are on the right track with the repatriation work.”

“A rejected asylum seeker has had his application processed by the independent refugee board with a judge at the end of the table. Here, after a thorough individual assessment, it has been concluded that the person does not have a need for protection. Then you have to travel home. This is how it should be in a legal society,” the Minister pointed out.

He emphasized that it is not easy to get rejected asylum seekers deported, adding that; fortunately, the figures reveal that things have gone in the right direction in recent years.

The Immigration and Integration Minister said that it costs Danish society millions when people whose asylum applications have been rejected do not respect the decision that they must leave the country.

“Also, because it sends a very unfortunate signal to the outside world if rejected asylum seekers can, in practice, just stay, even if they do not have legal residence. And then it is also the best solution for the rejected asylum seeker himself that the person in question travels home,” he noted.

Back in 2021, the National Immigration Agency established an outreach unit that aimed to ensure that internationals at the country’s departure centres are informed about their situation, including regarding their voluntary return to their home countries as well as the consequences of not cooperation with departure, thus aiming to hit as many people as possible to their home countries.

According to DRC Asylum, if the application for a residence permit as a refugee is rejected, the person is referred to as a rejected asylum seeker. In case the asylum seeker does not hold a valid residence permit or another basis in Denmark, they are obliged to leave the country.