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December 6, 2022

54.6 Million Air Passengers Travelled From Germany to Other Countries

A total of 54.6 million air passengers travelled from Germany to other countries for a period from April until October 2022, the recent figures provided by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany (Destatis).

The same has revealed that recent figures show that there has been marked a total of 28.7 million passengers, compared to the figures of the same period last year, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The main reason behind the significant increase noted for a period between April and October this year, compared to last year’s figures, is the abolishment of all COVID- related restrictions imposed to contain the further spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.

Destatis most recent report shows that domestic air transport marked a notable surge, with a total of 4.46 million departed air passengers. However, the increase of a total of 84.2 per cent was smaller compared to international transport.

“In total air transport, the number of embarked air passengers in summer 2022 thus more than doubled (108.7 per cent increase) on a year earlier to roughly 59.0 million,” the statement reads.

Like many other European countries, Germany experienced significant financial loss due to travel restrictions, entry bans, and other restrictions imposed to contain the further spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.

However, with the easing of the restrictions, the number of internationals travelling from Germany to other countries and vice-versa significantly improved.

The number of international visitors who visited Germany also increased significantly.

In addition, a report provided last month by Curlytales revealed that Germany became among the most favourite destinations for Gulf countries’ citizens, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, after the figures of incoming travellers from these countries almost tripled.

The same source revealed that for a period between January and August this year, there was marked a total of 175 per cent increase in the number of international visitors to Germany from Gulf countries compared to last year’s same period figures.

In addition, the figures provided previously by Destatis revealed that international visitors spent a total of 47.2 million nights in accommodation facilities in this county in September this year, thus marking a total of 4.7 per cent increase compared to last year’s figures.

The data provided by the Federal Statistics Office showed that the number of overnight stays continues to remain below pre-pandemic levels, however, by only 1.1 per cent.